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Hello and Welcome! I am Taiga, and I am excited to be exploring the world of art, creative flow, and expression in all areas of life. I want to give a little background in this blog post about me, and how I have gotten to where I am today. What inspires, what motivates, and what feeds my soul.

I guess I could say I have been navigating this world by trial and error for the last almost 20 years.  A dabble here, a dabble there. I have never been one to choose one path and stick to it.  I have never been to college (except that one semester in Missoula, where I had NO idea what I was doing there), or had any advanced schooling. I have explored and followed my interests and truths in the moment and let myself be lead to new adventures, opportunities, explorations and alternative education in various topics.  As far as identifying with a certain skill or “profession”, I have been a gardener and landscaper, a creator of spaces, a natural builder, an artisanal pizza caterer, and my most recent exploration and path is a metal sculpture artist. There is something different with this though, something that kindles a little bit more of a spark in the embers of my heart.  A Stirring of possibilities and endless inspirations.

I have never considered myself an artist, and even go as far as thinking I do not have a right to call myself an artist, as I did not study art history, or spend years focused on the intricacies of different art forms, famous artists and their unique styles.  My art flows organically through my hands stemming from the relationship with the earth and with the spaces I inhabit. Life is art. We are all artists in our unique way. This new form of art, the creation of forms and shapes using metals and other materials that have been cast away, declared junk and useless by others, left to rust and weather by time, this is my palate of inspiration. It invokes the imagination and the mystery of spirit flowing all around us.

The wild uncultivated beauty of natural landscapes are amazing sources of inspirational fuel as well. Never have I seen a more balanced, thriving, composed garden than out wandering in the high alpine meadows of the Tetons, or the gnarled old tree roots that so gingerly embrace rocks of all sizes. The clumps of wildflowers and boulders strategically arranged just off to the side of a group of aspen trees nearly makes my heart explode every time I see such a perfect composition.

There is inspiration everywhere. I am learning to open my eyes and my heart to it. To tune in and listen, and then hopefully, if a thread of that energy is graspable, I can nurture it and reshape it into another form that makes my heart sing and hopefully yours as well.

May 30, 2019

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